Thursday, September 15, 2011

Time Is Money

As said by Benjamin Franklin, referring to the notion that time is so valuable where money opportunities are wasted when a person's time is unproductively used. Whatever you do helps draw your opportunities of achieving closer. This means that time should appropriately be utilized.

Many teenagers normally think that studying wastes a lot of their time instead of doing some creative work that may bring them money. Many have dropped out of school because they want to work and get money at an early age forgetting that even though they work early enough and get the money, still they will look unqualified for the money they have because they stopped studies.

Ask yourself this question "How much is my time worth"? Well, just like it is said in entrepreneurship that the more you invest, the more you get same applies to time. The more time you attend to something, the more you gain from it.

In the business world, never pay some or for something that is of less value. For example do not pay a person sh. 100 an hour for sh. 7 an hour. There is no limit to how much money you can make as most resources are unlimited.

Remember you have to spend some time sleeping, playing, eating, relaxing and having some fun with your friends and but time is the most precious resource for an entrepreneur.


In the present economy, many entrepreneurs fear to start a business because of so many factors including time to waste in the present day money scarce world. As an entrepreneur, you should start your business immediately you think of it. Even just thinking of what type of business you are to start shows that you are moving on.

Putting aside the fact that you have little or no capital, there is no other factor that can hinder you from starting a business in this year. And more so, there are many sources of capital that you can utilize as a young entrepreneur. The fastest and most nearest way of acquiring capital is your parents, brothers, sisters can never fail to at least lend you money to start up a business, in case they have the money.

Remember time is very valuable and you should do what you want to do now because there is no time. Now is the best time to start building your future and remember we are in a very competitive world. Many people have gone to universities and acquired skills that they are not even using. Utilize all the opportunities that you have to get money as money will get tired of being chased by you and it will start coming after you.

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